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The non-woven bag making machine is suitable for non-woven fabrics, which can process various non-woven bags of different specifications and shapes, vest bags, handbags, leather bags, etc. In recent years, whether there are any new industrial bags Woven fruit bagging, plastic turnover basket bagging, grape bagging, apple bagging, etc.
ZW- FB800-2 Double Vest Bag Making Machine

ZW- FB800-2 Double Vest Bag Making Machine

This equipment is a new type of coil to coil automatic feeding multi-color gilding machine designed and developed by our company to improve the current situation of manual gilding in non-woven fabric industry. This machine is designed for the professional production of non-woven vest bags and is designed to meet the market demand. It runs at a high speed in two ways at the same time, increasing the output of vest bags.