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ZW-A12 Automatic sheets feeding paper bag making machine

ZW-A12 Automatic sheets feeding paper bag making machine

Machine Feature: 1. The material used for the equipment can be 180-300 grams of white cardboard. 2. The materials used in this device can save 6% compared to traditional paper bag machines, greatly reducing material costs. 3. The size range of side width specifications can range from 80mm to 300mm. 4. This device can be replaced with different specifications according to needs. Each replacement of one size and debugging time actually takes less than 40 minutes, which is simple and convenient to meet the production needs of various specifications. 5. The bottom of the paper bag produced by this equipment has the special feature of flat sheet, which compensates for the defect of traditional paper bag degumming and bottom leakage. 6. The paper bags produced by this device have a wide surface without waistline creases, greatly improving the overall aesthetics and cleanliness of the paper bags. 7. This device has a fully automatic rope threading function, reducing labor costs.