Машина для производства пакетов ZW-A8

A8 high-speed non-woven three-dimensional bag making machine. This equipment adopts new manufacturing technology and design concept and was successfully developed in 2010. After years of continuous technical improvement and perfection, it has gradually realized non-woven rolls from ironing, slicing, and making. Bag to whole bag integration. The whole machine adopts computer program programming control, which replaces the tedious manual processing flow, and improves the production efficiency and product quality. The non-woven bags and non-woven bags produced by this equipment are widely used in the production of high-end non-woven gift box bags, shoe box bags, food packaging bags, etc.

Diagram of ZW-A8 (Lingyu):

⑴: Non-woven fabric roll material, the maximum roll material diameter is 1.4 meters.
⑵: Automatic feeding correction device. The motor loads materials smoothly; photoelectric tracking correction; shutdown without materials; automatic tension.
⑶: Independent uniform tension device. Ensure that the tension of the whole machine from the largest to the smallest coil is even.
⑷: Folding and ironing device. Handwheel screw adjustment, ultrasonic welding.
⑸: Rectifying device for the rear complete machine. Control the center of the fabric of the back machine and the front machine to ensure that the bag mouth is neat.
⑹: Handle roll material, the maximum roll material diameter is 1.2 meters.
⑺: Double-channel automatic ironing device. The length of the handle is 380mm-750mm; the width of the handle is 25mm-30mm; the machine will stop if there is no material, and the machine will stop if there is no ironing handle.
⑻: Rear feeding device. Cooperate with the front feeding device to control the tension of the fabric when tracing the indentation.
⑼: Tracking indentation device. Color mark tracking; side indentation.
⑽: Front feeding storage device. Double-tracking feeding; pre-stored sheets to increase the speed of the whole machine; cold cutting knife.
⑾: Operation panel. Large touch screen operation; can swing 90 degrees, the interface is clear and easy to operate.
⑿: Double servo pulling device. The double servo adjusts the fabric and the mold parallel to control the neatness of the bag mouth. High-speed servo improves the speed of the whole machine.
⒀: Mould device. The servo synchronous wheel running device is high-speed and silent; the mold positioning device is convenient for mold replacement.
⒁: Side insert; bottom insert; ultrasonic welding device. Full motor structure, precise and high speed. The motor automatically adjusts the distance and is easy to operate.
⒂: Bag removal device. The four groups of bag removal are independently regulated and operated. Easy to operate.
⒃: Automatic bag folding device. At the same time, the finished three-dimensional bags are folded and flattened, and stacked together.

Technical Parameters:

Power supply




Applicable raw materials

Non-woven fabric, PP film, woven material coating (tube; coating)

Average power


Material thickness


Production speed

55-90 pcs/min

Bag making height


Width before bag making

180mm - 570mm

Bag making side width


Total Weight


Feeding width


Bag strip

400 - 600mm

Installation size

7.8 meters in length × 5.2 meters in width × 2.5 meters in height


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