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Automatic full biodegradable bag making machine (d

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About the exhibition:


The 10th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition (CHINA PRINT2021) has received wide attention and strong support from the printing industry since its launch. The CHINA PRINT 2021 which are held in every four years will become the vane of China's printing and packaging industry! In such a grand event, Zhengwei, as a member of the industry, has made full preparations and brought new products to the show this time.


Exhibition Philosophy:




The development process of Zhengwei can be described in a word, that is,” anything is possible”.

Kazuo Inamori, a world-famous industrialist and philosopher, once said that the so-called "impossible" means that the present one is impossible, but for the future one, it is “possible”.


We should think of it in terms of the future continuous tense. We must believe that we have great power that has not been exerted. Behind this seemingly insignificant words, it is the undercurrent surging .It inspires every employee of Zhengwei to make progress, to fight bravely, and to believe that we have great power. Because I believe, so brave.





This seemingly insignificant sentence, but behind the undercurrent, it inspires every employee of zhengwei to strive for success, to believe that we have great power. Because believe, so brave.





In the early days of its establishment, Zhengwei has had a principle that employees should keep in mind -- "Serve with heart and get the trust from the customer".


Since its establishment in 2007, Zhengwei has been adhering to this concept and has gone through countless ups and downs. Today, we can see the shadow of Zhengwei all over the world.


During this period, it has accumulated the sweat of Zhengwei's employees. Zhengwei has never forgotten its original intention, insisted on innovation, constantly updated products according to market demand, and successively launched a series of high-speed bag making machines, which are widely used in the packaging industry Clothing industry and home appliance industry. It is this concept that makes Zhengwei stand firm in the era of information intelligence.







Embrace change and create it




Looking back on past experiences, Zhengwei firmly believe that only continuous innovation can achieve stable development. In the future, the world is developing in diversification and intelligent manufacturing has been urgently. In such a fierce competition, Zhengwei insists on working hard for a solid enterprise foundation, promising first-class enterprise service with honest faith, and creating efficient enterprise performance with practical spirit.



The only constant is change", this sentence is very classic. In a rapidly changing world, the so-called stability is relative and temporary. So, Zhengwei is coming with a change. Aside from sticking to the rules and immutability, we embrace change and create change. In this exhibition, Zhengwei will appear in everyone's vision with a new look, including the change of corporate LOGO and our upcoming new machine in 2021,

this machine will put aside the past tedious and make intelligent manufacturing the most refined simplification!




New product :


ZW-A11 sheet feeding paper bag Making Machine


2021 will be the first peak demand for paper instead of plastic, and the market accelerates the pace of seeking more environmentally friendly materials. Zhengwei, as a bag making machine supplier with the characteristics of continuous technological innovation, high efficiency and convenience, and green environmental protection, is also following the pace of the market and actively responding to national policies.


① Automatic buckle/rope


② Large side width range (8cm-33cm)


(3) Save the material


(4) high efficiency


⑤ The thick materials can also make


⑥ Easy to change the mold and save time