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Hejiang Zhengwei Group Building Activity Report

Update time:2020.11.01       Views:1713

Zhejiang Zhengwei Machinery Co., Ltd. held the company's autumn tour group building activity on November 1,2020, which was selected in the pleasant scenery of Yunding Caoshang Park in Ouhai District. The company assembled at 8 o'clock in the morning and then drove to the destination. we arrived at the scenic spot more than an hour later.

 We experienced extreme climbing high-altitude cable bridge, cable car, 6DVR roller coaster and other entertainment projects during the activity.Everyone had a lot of fun in the activity. The autumn tour group building activity was not only brought everyone closer to nature ,but also narrowed the distance between every employee and the company.The atmosphere was harmonious and lively.The Golden autumn is a good beginning,Zhejiang Zhengwei will also fade away the heat and fatigue of summer in the autumn tour group building activities, we will start to work harder than before together.