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Market prospects of plastic bags

Update time:2021.04.21       Views:1838

Plastic bags are closely related to people's daily life, and plastic packaging bags are common and widely used consumer products. The huge consumption of plastic bags provides a broad market development space for plastic bag manufacturers. The low price and convenient and practical characteristics of plastic bags have attracted the wide use of plastic bags in all walks of life.
Although the state has issued a "plastic restriction order" nationwide to prohibit the production, sale, and use of plastic shopping bags (ultra-thin plastic shopping bags) with a thickness of less than 0.025 mm, conventional plastic products are still the first choice in the plastic packaging bag market. It is understood that conventional plastic bags, especially degradable plastic bags, have a broader market prospect after the "plastic limit order". According to statistics on the use of plastic bags, degradable plastic products, especially plastic bags, account for the majority. For example, food counters in supermarkets and fast food restaurants are mostly degradable plastic bags used in food packaging. According to statistics, since the 1990s, the global production of biodegradable plastics has increased rapidly, of which about 60% are used in the packaging industry. It is estimated that by 2011, the output of biodegradable plastic packaging will reach 116,000 tons, with an average annual growth rate of 22%. Therefore, it is not difficult to predict that the future plastic bag market will be dominated by biodegradable plastic products.
In addition, plastic products have the characteristics of low value and easy consumption, and the market potential is huge. Therefore, the plastic bag production industry is an industry with sustained and stable economic benefits, and the huge market provides investors with broad market prospects. In addition, the investment in the production of plastic bags is low, and the return is fast, which is also one of the reasons for the boom in the plastic bag market. The plastic products industry is currently an emerging industry, and more and more groups need to use plastic products. In particular, plastic packaging bags have long been recognized by the society, and the technology for producing plastic products has become increasingly advanced. It is certain that the plastic bag market has huge room for development in the future.